Timothy Ogatu is from South Sudan. He arrived with his family in Baltimore in October 2016 after spending over 25 years in refugee camps, first in Ethiopia and later fleeing to Kenya. He met and married his wife in Kenya and his two sons were later born in the camp. He and his family recently welcomed a baby girl in January of this year.

Timothy is a self taught artist and has been painting for more than 20 years. Although he does miss his friends and relatives back home, he enjoys his new life in Baltimore, and the people who live here with their welcoming spirits. Art has always been an extremely important part of his life. He says, “Art is in me and it’s my top channel to express myself.” Since moving to Baltimore he has been working as a welder, but as always, he has been painting.

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If you are interested in reaching out Timothy to work on a personal piece, please contact timothyogatu@gmail.com.